Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Weekend Post // Laughs & Lilly Pulitzer

Literally what my weekend looked like.

This is almost my last weekend before school starts up again and my friends and I were determined to get together one last time before we all dove into our sophomore year!

I slept over at my friend, Rebecca's, house and we had a good ol' time choreographing a dance to Bang Bang and watching The Other Woman which was utterly hilarious and a really nice, fresh perspective on women and how badass we really are. I am pretty sure Rebecca watched it again right after I left..
For Saturday, we planned a girls' day out with hopes of getting Rebecca's (first!) Lilly Pulitzer dress for her birthday next week! The excitement was unreal y'all.  The Lilly Pulitzer store was a playground of prints with eye-catching colors in every square foot. The smile a girl has while wearing a Lilly dress. Gah. Amazing. We shopped around some more and I picked up a dress in Anthropologie's sale section that will be getting a post of its own.
Afterwards we headed to Plucker's to grab dinner with some very good friends and chatted about life. and some other stuff. We got the staff to sing happy birthday to one of our friends, Curtis, and we have yet to find out what his revenge on us will be. We stopped by the frozen yogurt store, because, well, why not, and wrote down some predictions we had for each other and ourselves in the new school year to come and ended the night with a lot of hugs and "I'll see you soon!"s.

Sometimes I don't realize it, but friends are kinda a miracle and I really need to get better at making plans to spend time with them!  This was honestly one of the best weekends in my summer and I don't think there will ever come a day when hanging out with my best friends won't fill me with happiness and tears of laughter.  I hope y'all had a great weekend!

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