Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Liebster Award

You guys. I've been nominated for the Liebster Award!!
Big thanks and a congratulations to Eva from Babbling 'Bout Beauty for nominating me and being nominated herself!

rules //
Thank the blog that nominated you and link them.
Post eleven facts about yourself.
Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you and then create an eleven-   question set for the next group of nominees.
Choose people to nominate and link them in the post.
Let your nominees know they've been tagged - and no tag-backs! Nominate blogs under 200 followers.

ELEVEN // Facts about Me
one I have gone to a private Catholic school for my entire life. (And I've been wearing uniforms ever   since I could dress myself.)

two I have an addiction to Dancing with the Stars and have attempted to do the tricks and spins with my mom. No shame. No shame at all.
three For an entire week of school last year, I bought biscuits and gravy every morning and thoroughly enjoyed them until I started realizing I have a true problem and need to stop.
four I am terrible at sports. (So terrible that when I was little, I used to wish I could break a bone so I wouldn't have to participate in P.E. class!)
five I am absolutely terrified of heights and have to slowly step forward with my hands held outward reaching for the ledge of the balcony whenever I want to look down.
six I want to be a dermatologist when I grow up but am slightly turned off by the fact that I would have to go to school for 12+ years. That doesn't sound too appealing.
seven I think I could eat California Rolls every day for the rest of my life. Unless they are from Target--those are nasty.
eight In middle school, I competed a lot in writing, drawing, and music and actually won a good amount of awards.
nine I have been playing the piano for about 10 years now but have only started loving it recently.
ten I really want to name my future kids Theo and Ava. Doesn't that just sound like an overpriced children's clothing store? Love it.
eleven My favorite clothing store is Anthropologie and I check their website and gallery every.   single. day.

ELEVEN // Eva's Questions
one Who is your style icon?
- Blake Lively for sure. I think she has perfected the effortless yet glamorous look in the streets and on the red carpet while also being a sophisticated and talented actress and entrepreneur.  Did anyone else want to be basically be Serena and Bridget? 
two Do you have any pets? If so, what kind of animal are they and what’s their name?
- Nope! But my aunt's two shih tzus, Rocky and Junior are basically our own pets!

three Favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
- Oooh. That's tough. Lately it's been this dress.

four What is one makeup product that you couldn’t live without?
- Mascara! Specifically Maybelline's The Rocket! I think mascara is the one thing that can make you look alive and at least a little put together in the morning.
five If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
- It would probably be either Italy or Greece! Italy because I love pizza. Greece because I think at heart I am totally Lena from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
six Favorite nail polish?
- Any pinky nude color. Right now that's Revlon Allure.
seven Who is your favorite blogger?
- Ahhh. I love Essiebutton to death. I think she has the most lively soul and she's not afraid to get real. I think a lot of time when you are talking about big and famous bloggers, they are all kind of the same. They give a basic 'on-the-surface' look at current beauty and fashion but not Estee.  She is stunning and genuine and I've been following her since way back when I first started watching YouTube videos.
eight Favorite social media?
- Definitely Instagram. 
nine What is your favorite dessert?
ten Do you like hot or cold weather?
- Hootttt. Probably because I live in Texas.
eleven What is your favorite blog post that you have ever written?
- Ha. This one's easy. Definitely my most recent Closet Confidential with my best friend Rebecca. It is so fun to be able to share ideas and collaborate on something that you both love. It was a blast to take pictures and just hear what her thoughts were on fashion.

ELEVEN // My Questions
one What is something weird you do that has become a habit?
two What store can you always find something amazing in?
three What is your biggest fear?
four What problem in society are you most passionate about?
five Do you have any siblings? How old and what are their names?
six What do you want to be when you grow up?
seven What is your favorite song right now?
eight Any current obsessions/ addictions?
nine What is your most worn item of clothing for the summer?
ten Best part of this summer?
eleven What is your number one tip for up and coming bloggers?

My Nominations
Mathilda's Beauty Life
Elle Charie
Anyone who wants to do this!

Sorry this post was so text-heavy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Closet Confidential // Rebecca

I've known Rebecca ever since 3rd grade when our last names happened to line up right next to each other in class, but I feel as if one day, her style just got up and took on a life of its own. There is always that one girl you know who just can't look ugly.  That's Rebecca.  Last time I was at her house, we actually didn't spend all of our time watching Netflix, and I had the chance to ask her about  the clothes she puts on her body and such.  Here's what she had to say...

"I'm all about the colors! Ever since I could piece together an outfit (5 maybe?), I was a fashionista.  I remember my mom debating with me, "Either wear this, or you are going to school naked." Clothes and all the things that come attached with it give me confidence to express myself.  Throughout the years I have tried out many different styles from edgy to boho to preppy to sporty, and I think I've finally found it.  Through the inspiration of Youtube beauty/fashion vloggers, bloggers, and Pinterest, I can distinguish what my 'style' is.  And the truth is, it's not about preppy or edgy, style is based upon our personalities.  I guess I'd describe mine to be classy, conservative, colorful, and chic.  With that, you can put together a preppy outfit, maybe?  But also, style depends on what we're feeling.  I find that in the summer, I tend to lean more towards the bohemian side of fashion and 'preppy' in the fall.  Another thing, I don't wear a certain style/outfit for anyone, maybe for the sanity of my dad; I wear it for me.  That's crucial.  Wear something you feel good in, something you feel you look great in, and strut your stuff."

What influences your style?

"This goes along with how I got my style, and that’s what I’m feeling that day and what I feel comfortable in.  I don’t want to go out wearing something I don’t feel 100% confident in, and trust me, there have been times when I’ve had these moments (too much cleavage? are these shorts too short? *pulls shorts even further down*), and they don’t feel good! nor do they probably look good, haha!  My fashion inspirations would be thanks to YouTube fashion vloggers, bloggers, and Pinterest (of course!).  And let’s admit it, we’ve all worn something that shouldn’t probably be worn during that season.  For example, is it bad that I like to wear my denim shirt in the beginning of August.. in Texas?  Maybe not, but hey! It’s what I’m feeling right?  And let’s just keep this between us, but sometimes everything works out and I don’t even sweat with it on! Always a plus."

Who do you look up to?

"Carrie Underwood & Audrey Hepburn — two ladies of style, grace, and class.  One forever remembered in history and the other an inevitable and gorgeously talented country legend.  Both their personalities and what they stand for are two of the many reasons why I title them my celebrity role models.  Audrey stood by her duty as a woman.  She remained ladylike, lovely, positive, and humble.  She ‘believed happy girls are the prettiest,’ and they absolutely are.  She is one of my reminders on how to live my life as a lady from the inside out.  Carrie presents these qualities as well, along with her love for God.  Not only is she an amazing singer and a beautiful woman, but she is also a God’s girl! It’s awe-inspiring to see how throughout her fame and success, she still shows humility and her gratitude toward the Man who gave us life.  And don’t even get me started on that heck of a voice! Do I find myself dancing in front of the mirror struggling to reach those high notes? Oh yeah."

"At the end of the day, what you think is truly best for you and your life is all that matters." - Rebecca G.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Weekend Post // Laughs & Lilly Pulitzer

Literally what my weekend looked like.

This is almost my last weekend before school starts up again and my friends and I were determined to get together one last time before we all dove into our sophomore year!

I slept over at my friend, Rebecca's, house and we had a good ol' time choreographing a dance to Bang Bang and watching The Other Woman which was utterly hilarious and a really nice, fresh perspective on women and how badass we really are. I am pretty sure Rebecca watched it again right after I left..
For Saturday, we planned a girls' day out with hopes of getting Rebecca's (first!) Lilly Pulitzer dress for her birthday next week! The excitement was unreal y'all.  The Lilly Pulitzer store was a playground of prints with eye-catching colors in every square foot. The smile a girl has while wearing a Lilly dress. Gah. Amazing. We shopped around some more and I picked up a dress in Anthropologie's sale section that will be getting a post of its own.
Afterwards we headed to Plucker's to grab dinner with some very good friends and chatted about life. and some other stuff. We got the staff to sing happy birthday to one of our friends, Curtis, and we have yet to find out what his revenge on us will be. We stopped by the frozen yogurt store, because, well, why not, and wrote down some predictions we had for each other and ourselves in the new school year to come and ended the night with a lot of hugs and "I'll see you soon!"s.

Sometimes I don't realize it, but friends are kinda a miracle and I really need to get better at making plans to spend time with them!  This was honestly one of the best weekends in my summer and I don't think there will ever come a day when hanging out with my best friends won't fill me with happiness and tears of laughter.  I hope y'all had a great weekend!

Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY // T-shirt Romper

This summer is apparently the summer of arts and crafts for me.
Recently I have found myself exploring the world of sewing and making clothes and all that fun stuff. Honestly reading over that last sentence makes me seem like quite the granny, but I think it is so useful to just know how to resize a dress or make a romper out of your dad's super chill t- shirts.

 T-Shirt #1

Y'all. Look at how massive this t-shirt is. It was a men's extra-large sleep shirt that my dad bought and never wore and so passed it down to me.
I loved the graphic and I love the brand Life is Good therefore I had to figure out something to do with it.  And a romper was born.
I guess you could say this post is just a preview because honestly I totally just made up the steps as I went using knowledge from other bloggers and YouTube, but if you would like I can post a real step by step video tutorial!  Meanwhile, check out these two tutorials / Merrick's Art // sloabn /

I did take some pictures along the way though and will explain basic steps!
The awesome thing about using t-shirts is that you can use the hems already on the shirt!! I made a pair of shorts using a pattern I made based another pair of shorts I have and cut it out along the bottom of the shirt.  Making shorts is super easy and you can learn by watching simple tutorials.

The shirt portion took a bit longer, especially because the shirt was so huge that I had to cut out new sleeves and fix the size of the body piece.  (I might have gotten impatient and accidentally sewed all along the side of the body piece before I realized there was no hole for me to put my arms in. Sigh.) You can use a basic t-shirt to figure out the patterns for the body and the sleeves.

The hardest part was definitely attaching the two pieces and adding elastic. I used this tutorial to add the elastic and I was done! The first time through this project took me about a day so not too bad!

T-Shirt #2

*psstt.. this one was my favorite!!
I basically followed the same steps but obviously I knew more of what I was doing this time around and it turned a lot better!  This one took a lot more guess work with proportions, though, because I hadn't made a pattern for long sleeves yet and the material was a lot thicker and therefore less stretch than the white shirt.  I kinda just winged it, but it turned out great.

I had to add a button hole and slit in the back of this one because there was no way I could possibly get it on without ripping approximately 457 stitches out.

I seriously just want to wear this out into the wilderness.. it would be very hard to pee in I suppose.

You guys have to try this out!! TJMaxx and Marshalls have so many Life is Good t-shirts at great prices and they are seriously so comfy and high quality.  I have been wearing the long sleeve one for three days now and wore the white one to bed last night!  Of course, try this with any big ol' t-shirt you have.  It is simple once you get the hang of it and you can start whipping these out in about 2 hours! 

Give it a whirl!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Watercolor // Lettering & Typography

As mentioned in my Current Favorites post, I have been spending a lot of my spare time painting with watercolors recently.  Watercolor is literally the easiest form of art. All you need is a paint set, brushes, and some water. (Oh, and of course, some creativity!)

Today's project was different from previous ones I have done because it was very text heavy.  Of course when you think of painting you think of real pictures and people and images, but today I thought I would take a swing at it and do a typographic poster for one of my very close friends, Rebecca, and her family.  It was a very lonnngggg process that included a lot of Pinterest and PicMonkey, but I think the overall painting turned out great. So, I'll share with you my creative process!

one // Know what you want to say.
I guess it's a pretty obvious step but definitely one of the most important! Figure out what you want to write: a significant quote, a bible verse, a famous saying, or even just a funny inside joke! Be creative here, but if you are stuck, Pinterest is a great place to look up some inspirational words.

two // Know how you want to say it.
This part is a little tricky and requires the most creativity. Imagine how you want the words you have chose to appear. Do you just want to write it in your handwriting and give it a personal feel? Do you want it to be in different fonts and colors? How will you arrange the words?  I know, there are so many different options!! I decided to go for a typographic feel and arrange the words and fonts strategically. If you decide to go with this route, let me tell you, it's tough and takes a while.  I used PicMonkey to make a "blueprint" using free fonts I found and liked.  This is just a rough sketch, I ended up changing a few elements here and there, but it is extremely helpful as a reference.three // Put it on paper!
Finally. You get to paint. Watercolor is very simple: Just wet your brush and choose your color. For something like this with a lot of text, you don't have to mix the paint on a separate palette unless you want a specific color.  Have fun with this part! You don't need to "learn how to use watercolor" with a project like this one.  Just let your words flow and DO NOT USE TOO MUCH WATER. (this is crucial) Make sure you have a good brush selection for the bold and thin lettering.  It was pretty easy with my huge palette to get the color I wanted but even with the 8-color palette you could virtually get any color you want by messing with colors.  Here, I roughly sketched out the words in pencil and then proceeded to paint over it.

four // Add the details.
Once you finish the wording, add in a few pops of color here and there to really make the words stand out.  You could do without this part, but I personally think it can really transform a painting if you do it right.  Here I just added a few yellow accents to keep it simple but watercolor flowers are great accents as well.

five // Admire your work.
This is my favorite step. Step back and look at what you've created.  If you think it's missing something it's not too late! Edit all you want but be content with the piece of art you've made in the end. I'm sure it is beautiful!

*I got most of my tools from Target-- they have a great new range of art supplies meant for kids that is really affordable and nice quality for beginners.

Have fun and good luck!

Friday, July 11, 2014

An Upgrade to your Go-To Look

Come on. We are all guilty of having that one very simple and not attractive uniform that we always throw on when we are in a hurry or simply can't be bothered.  For me personally, I always keep a pair of Nike athletic shorts and a baggy souvenir t-shirt at hand for these special occasions, but lately, in my efforts of revamping my style and closet, I have tried to limit myself from always gravitating to my t-shirt drawer.  (Okay but how awesome are those Texas flag shorts.. I mean, does your state have a pair of shorts?)

But, I came up with a very simple solution.

one // Replace your unflattering running shorts for a pair of loose, nicely constructed, and most importantly comfy pair of shorts.  These have been so on trend this summer and you can practically find them anywhere.  The ones shown are rather plain, but I have seen so many adorable floral and lace shorts in stores currently!  My favorite part of these shorts is that little elastic band at the top--they keep it comfy and casual.

   J.Crew White Shorts // Blue Crochet Shorts found at Marshalls // Denim Lounge Shorts similar found here

two // Swap the baggy t-shirts with slightly more stylized and embellished tops that still have the loose fit with more flattering cuts and softer fabric.  Even just swapping your t-shirt for a graphic linen tee or a patterned crop top will make you look more put together.  These three tees are honestly so extremely comfy and come with that worn-in t-shirt softness.  You can find so many different tees that are sure to fit in with your style.  My personal favorite is the baseball tee--it gives an effortless, tomboy look that I have been digging currently.

J.Crew Baseball Tee // J.Crew Linen Tee similar found here // Aerie Tribal Crop Top similar style found here

Add a pair of classic aviators and a bright lipstick and there you go, an upgrade to your go-to look.

xx Christine

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Current Favorites #1

 Whew! So the dreaded first post is over.
 Now we can move on to actual content.

This summer has been all about the basics for me.

Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in 060 Allure
If you are a simple girl like me, you will love this polish.  I picked it up when I noticed its extreme resemblance to Essie's Urban Jungle--which costs 2 dollars more might I add.  The color is simple and clean and goes with everything.  It just seems to add a touch of "put together-ness" to your not so put together summer look.

Ray-Ban Classic Aviators
Oh, boy. I have been lusting after these since last summer and I think my mom and I both knew that it was inevitable that I would come home with them one day.  There isn't even anything to say-- they are a casual, go with everything, girl-next-door, all-American pair of sunglasses.  They are just a style staple for me nowadays.

Clarisonic Mia with Acne Cleansing Brush
You guys, I don't even remember the last time my skin was clear.  Thankfully I reintroduced my Clarisonic to my daily skincare routine and I have been seeing some differences.  I think it is too early to tell if this will be the miracle product for my skin, but I have definitely enjoyed using it and truly believe that it lives up to all of its claims.  I have always believed that the key to the kind of dewy and fresh no-makeup makeup look that I adore is a clear and radiant complexion so I have definitely been focusing on that aspect of my beauty regime.

Fossil Leather Watch
This is, yet again, a summer staple of mine.  Scratch that, I wear it year-round.  My mom gave it to me this previous Christmas and I love it.  I think that, like the aviators, this watch gives off a very easy-going vibe that is very suited to the summer time and also goes really well with my own sense of style.  I like that it is light and easy to throw on with everything, and the rougher you are with it, the cooler it looks.

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm in 04 Succulent Pomegranate
This product is pretty straight-forward.  It's basically an overly expensive and beautifully and extravagantly packaged tinted lip balm with a really long and fancy name that has accent marks in it. I don't necessarily think it's worth the price that I paid, but the formula is actually pretty amazing and the bright pink color really is beautiful especially for the warmer weather.  I really like wearing this color because while everything else I seem to use and wear and surround myself with during the hottest months of the year are just easy, simple, and basic,well, this is my pop of not-so-basic.

So in the summer I tend to get bored really easily.  It's like all those things that I wanted to do so badly during the school year but couldn't just decided to skip the few months I was free.  But, one thing I always made time for was art, specifically watercolor.  I really got to dive into the realm of watercolor this year in my art class and I have been obsessed.  The card you see was actually one of the invitations I made for my birthday awhile ago.  I think if I was an art form, I would be a watercolor painting.

Dancing with the Stars
I have been binge watching Dancing with the Stars.  Literally my life pretty much revolves around it now.  Half the time I just want to break out into dance and do a really fancy lift where I spin around while doing the splits.  Meryl & Maks forever y'all.

Ha. Did I get the point across that I like everything to be simple, easy-going, and basic? Those three words could seriously sum up every single aspect of my life currently. I'd love to know what your staples have been lately and which three words could sum up your style and beauty look this summer!

xx Christine

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hi There!

Wow.  This is so different. I thought I would take my chances today and flip from reading blogs to writing my own! Wish me luck in this new endeavor!
Sooo about me.....

My name is Christine and I am 15 years old and after this summer will be a sophomore in highschool!  I would like to say that I am an artist and a writer, a fitness and health junkie, a musician, and a fashion and beauty enthusiast.

A few facts about me - 

-I live in the great state of Texas.  :) and I love it. (but it's hot. very hot.)

-My family is my best friend. I have one brother named Chris and we live with our parents and our grandparents, who are basically the most chill and awesome grandparents ever.

-Going along with the last one, I love old people-----a lot.  I think it is because I am so close to my grandparents and are able to constantly see them.

-My best friend's name is Sam and she is great. I'm always happy when she's around and she keeps me sane.  

-I love chicken pot pie. Do you? 

-My other best friend is Rebecca and she is just the cutest, most stylish girl I know!  She is strong and independent and could be a living Disney princess. 

-I have really been enjoying being healthy and exercising and stuff like that. I think everyone would be a little bit happier if they just treated their body a little bit kinder each day.

-I have gone to a Catholic and private school my entire life and I think God is the coolest Guy and everyone should get to know Him!  He wrote this really cool book called The Bible, you guys should definitely check it our for some hardcore wisdom on life and stuff.

Sam just left after a quick (and very amusing) little visit and so I am just finishing up my very first post. 
Crazy stuff, man. Crazy stuff.

Enjoy your day!
xx Christine