Friday, July 11, 2014

An Upgrade to your Go-To Look

Come on. We are all guilty of having that one very simple and not attractive uniform that we always throw on when we are in a hurry or simply can't be bothered.  For me personally, I always keep a pair of Nike athletic shorts and a baggy souvenir t-shirt at hand for these special occasions, but lately, in my efforts of revamping my style and closet, I have tried to limit myself from always gravitating to my t-shirt drawer.  (Okay but how awesome are those Texas flag shorts.. I mean, does your state have a pair of shorts?)

But, I came up with a very simple solution.

one // Replace your unflattering running shorts for a pair of loose, nicely constructed, and most importantly comfy pair of shorts.  These have been so on trend this summer and you can practically find them anywhere.  The ones shown are rather plain, but I have seen so many adorable floral and lace shorts in stores currently!  My favorite part of these shorts is that little elastic band at the top--they keep it comfy and casual.

   J.Crew White Shorts // Blue Crochet Shorts found at Marshalls // Denim Lounge Shorts similar found here

two // Swap the baggy t-shirts with slightly more stylized and embellished tops that still have the loose fit with more flattering cuts and softer fabric.  Even just swapping your t-shirt for a graphic linen tee or a patterned crop top will make you look more put together.  These three tees are honestly so extremely comfy and come with that worn-in t-shirt softness.  You can find so many different tees that are sure to fit in with your style.  My personal favorite is the baseball tee--it gives an effortless, tomboy look that I have been digging currently.

J.Crew Baseball Tee // J.Crew Linen Tee similar found here // Aerie Tribal Crop Top similar style found here

Add a pair of classic aviators and a bright lipstick and there you go, an upgrade to your go-to look.

xx Christine

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