Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Current Favorites #1

 Whew! So the dreaded first post is over.
 Now we can move on to actual content.

This summer has been all about the basics for me.

Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in 060 Allure
If you are a simple girl like me, you will love this polish.  I picked it up when I noticed its extreme resemblance to Essie's Urban Jungle--which costs 2 dollars more might I add.  The color is simple and clean and goes with everything.  It just seems to add a touch of "put together-ness" to your not so put together summer look.

Ray-Ban Classic Aviators
Oh, boy. I have been lusting after these since last summer and I think my mom and I both knew that it was inevitable that I would come home with them one day.  There isn't even anything to say-- they are a casual, go with everything, girl-next-door, all-American pair of sunglasses.  They are just a style staple for me nowadays.

Clarisonic Mia with Acne Cleansing Brush
You guys, I don't even remember the last time my skin was clear.  Thankfully I reintroduced my Clarisonic to my daily skincare routine and I have been seeing some differences.  I think it is too early to tell if this will be the miracle product for my skin, but I have definitely enjoyed using it and truly believe that it lives up to all of its claims.  I have always believed that the key to the kind of dewy and fresh no-makeup makeup look that I adore is a clear and radiant complexion so I have definitely been focusing on that aspect of my beauty regime.

Fossil Leather Watch
This is, yet again, a summer staple of mine.  Scratch that, I wear it year-round.  My mom gave it to me this previous Christmas and I love it.  I think that, like the aviators, this watch gives off a very easy-going vibe that is very suited to the summer time and also goes really well with my own sense of style.  I like that it is light and easy to throw on with everything, and the rougher you are with it, the cooler it looks.

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm in 04 Succulent Pomegranate
This product is pretty straight-forward.  It's basically an overly expensive and beautifully and extravagantly packaged tinted lip balm with a really long and fancy name that has accent marks in it. I don't necessarily think it's worth the price that I paid, but the formula is actually pretty amazing and the bright pink color really is beautiful especially for the warmer weather.  I really like wearing this color because while everything else I seem to use and wear and surround myself with during the hottest months of the year are just easy, simple, and basic,well, this is my pop of not-so-basic.

So in the summer I tend to get bored really easily.  It's like all those things that I wanted to do so badly during the school year but couldn't just decided to skip the few months I was free.  But, one thing I always made time for was art, specifically watercolor.  I really got to dive into the realm of watercolor this year in my art class and I have been obsessed.  The card you see was actually one of the invitations I made for my birthday awhile ago.  I think if I was an art form, I would be a watercolor painting.

Dancing with the Stars
I have been binge watching Dancing with the Stars.  Literally my life pretty much revolves around it now.  Half the time I just want to break out into dance and do a really fancy lift where I spin around while doing the splits.  Meryl & Maks forever y'all.

Ha. Did I get the point across that I like everything to be simple, easy-going, and basic? Those three words could seriously sum up every single aspect of my life currently. I'd love to know what your staples have been lately and which three words could sum up your style and beauty look this summer!

xx Christine

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